Claim: "Why is it called a veggie burger?"


The carnist here claims that the name "veggie burger" contains the term "burger" and therefore is... hypocritical? Not sure. The only sure thing is that the carnist is angry about it. "Vegan ice cream", oh no!

Problems With This Argument

1. Which is it?

People get up in arms about things that hipsters give completely new names to. Oh, so did you want a new name for it... or did you want to complain about how you can't keep new foods like "kombucha" and "kefir" straight or how to pronounce them?

2. Ok, fine, don't call it that

No one is forcing you to call it a "veggie burger". Call it a "black bean patty" if you want or whatever would work for you if you hate that specifying that it comes from vegetables is part of the adjective.

3. That's how adjectives work

Whoa whoa whoa, why are you calling it "peanut butter" or a "potato salad"? Peanut butter isn't butter and potato salad isn't a salad. After all, "Make a new sound with your mouth". This is selective outrage in the absence of an argument.

4. Semantics isn't an ethical argument

Call whatever you want whatever name you want, it doesn't change any of the ethical arguments at all.

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