Claim: Why copy meat products if you're against it?


The carnist claims that vegans are hypocrites because they copy the products they are against? As the wise and noble Socrates of our time put it:

"We have to drive around the city for 2 hours looking for some restaurant that serves "friendly" burgers, which ironically look and taste exactly like hamburgers--which vegetarians object to eating because it's either A) gross or B) murder. If it's so gross, then why go out of your way to eat something exactly like it, asshole?" - Maddox

Problems With This Argument

1. Wait, I thought vegan food was nasty?

Which is it? Is vegan food gross or is it exactly like non-vegan food? I know the answer: "Oh, it's [insert answer with immediate post-hoc justification here]".

2. Does this argument work elsewhere?

So if you are against murder - are you not allowed to play first-person-shooter video games? What about traffic laws and racing games? This is just ridiculous.

3. What about the ethical argument

So, by carnists' own admission, there's a product that's cheaper to make, tastes the same, and doesn't come with nearly the ecological, health, and ethical consequences of their favorite product. I literally don't know what else to say.

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