Vegan Arguments

The following are other lists of arguments I've run across. I tried not to reference them for my work because I wanted to give my honest responses without just parroting others' perspectives.

Here's a list of non-catalogued arguments/documentaries that examine certain aspects

Vegan restaurants/products

Some personal vegan recipes

It can be hard to get cooking within any cuisine, especially when you look up basic foods and it's a 30-ingredient recipe.

  • This chili won a chili cook-off I was at against non-vegan chili. Just halve the number of tomatoes, and throw in some southwest chipotle seasoning.
  • This pumpkin pie is amazing
  • Here is a basic stir fry. If you want real easy: Just buy a sauce, crisp up the tofu in a nonstick pan over oil without bothering with the marinade (just coat the cubes in flour or nooch), and boil the noodles according to the package. Remove the oil and add it all in together to warm it up. Done.

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