Claim: Animal products are tasty


The strongest form of this argument is that animal products taste good in particular eating meat is justified since the sensory pleasure that a human derives is much greater than the suffering that an animal encounters in the production of meat

Problems With This Argument

1. We recognize how poor this argument is in any other context

We don't do this type of calculus for rights violations in any other context. So we don't look at someone stealing a car, for instance, and ask ourselves if they are getting more value out of the car than the person they stole it from. It wouldn't matter if they were stealing someone's tenth car to make it their own first car. The bar is much, much higher. They would have to be stealing the car because it was absolutely necessary, for instance, to save a person from dying.

Of course, it's more unethical to steal some single mom's only means of transport than it is to steal someone's second car, but one couldn't say that it was truly still ethical to do so, even if you derived an immense amount of pleasure from it.

2. Most food people get isn't that good

It's practically a meme that the burger in the picture never looks as good as the one you actually get, and yet 37% of Americans get fast food on any given day. A small meat-cheese-bread burger stack and fries isn't some gourmet meal that you'd truly be missing out on if you substituted something even mildly more interesting or better into your diet.

You also can watch videos of people being fooled by vegan substitutes. So, it's likely that it's not even significantly tastier, it's just easier.

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