Claim: Being vegan isn't easy


"I don't know if I could go vegan. It's just so hard".

Problems With This Argument

1. It's not that hard

Alternatives now exist for literally everything ever. Go buy a vegan alternative. Any ingredient from milk to butter to sausage has a vegan alternative.

2. What about cooking at home?

Just do a search for a recipe that is "vegan [thing you were going to make]". Literally whatever. Pumpkin pie. Chicken stir fry. Mashed potatoes. Look at ratings and comments.

Protip: If you want to skip the long preamble on recipes, ctrl+l for "print" and usually you'll land on a "print this recipe" button which will take you to a new page without all the crap.

3. What about at a restaurant?

Suggest to your friends a place with vegan options. HappyCow is a good place to start. If you end up at a place like Applebee's or something and don't want just a plain salad with oil and vinegar, just order a plain baked potato with A1, or ask the wait staff if anyone in the back has a suggestion. Or go to a grocery store and pound some clif bars on the way.

It isn't hard at all, unless you don't actually want to do it. Then it will be impossible by definition.

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