Claim: People would lose their jobs if the entire world went vegan


The claim here is that animal agriculture is required to keep the animal agriculture economy going

Problems With This Argument

1. That doesn't justify your choices

Ok so if the entire world went vegan at the snap of a finger that would have drastic immediate economic effects. That imaginary scenario is just not good enough for why you choose to impose suffering on some singular animal. You can't justify throwing baby chicks alive into shredders with "yeah well it's keeping the economy going. Where are all the now-unemployed chick shredders going to find jobs? And the people designing the chick-shredding devices? Gosh." It's just skirting responsibility.

2. That doesn't work in any other context

We don't say "Well, slavery is ethically justified because someone might have just bought a slave, and therefore they would be very sad if they lost their possession, so let's keep that going indefinitely". That's not a moral argument.

3. Git gud

If your only skill is throwing baby chicks into shredders, maybe you deserve to lose your job.

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