Claim: Domestic livestock are the currency of the world's poor


Veganism is wrong because if the world went vegan poor people in poor countries would lose their life savings.

Problems With This Argument

1. That doesn't justify your choices

Ok, so there is some family in Uganda that just used their family savings to purchase 3 goats - and if the entire world went vegan at the snap of a finger then they would be out their entire life savings. That is just not good enough for why you choose to impose suffering on some singular animal. Could you imagine you walk in on someone throwing a bunch of baby chickens into a shredder alive? "What are you doing?!" "Oh, I'm defending the world's poor! Without me throwing these chicks into shredders, a family in Uganda would be sad." It's ridiculous.

2. Third-world poverty is driven by affluent Western carnism

Many countries export their food as livestock feed that would otherwise be used to alleviate hunger in those countries. By not going vegan, you are exacerbating poor living conditions in those countries you claim to care so much about.

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