Claim: Now's not the time to soapbox


The carnist here attempts to claim that they are annoyed about vegans bringing up veganism in some related scenario, usually quite aggressively. e.g. "Now's not the time to soapbox about your stupid diet".

Problems With This Argument

1. Now is not the time to soapbox about what it's time to soapbox about

I'll make whatever argument whenever I want to make it.

2. It comes across as some kind of inferiority complex

I'm sure you envision yourself as some sort of master of the situation, but it really is just whining. Sorry, your feelings were hurt, I guess.

3. When is a good time?

When the food is in your hand, or is that too forceful? When it's unrelated to the topic at hand, or is that shifting the topic too much? Answer: "Never. I never want to hear that what I'm doing is unethical. Just let me pay for animal torture in peace".

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