Claim: Militant vegans are forcing their beliefs on carnists


The carnist here claims there's some strain of "militant vegans" that are hellbent on "forcing [their] beliefs" on carnists.

Problems With This Argument

1. This is just projection

What's funny is this argument is self-defeating. This is usually said amid some discussion on public forums where animal treatment is already the topic of conversation and the response to mentioning animal welfare is that it's "forcing their views on you". You're actually forcing your belief on someone else, that your opinion is that they have no right to their opinion. Which sort of defeats the unstated premise that everyone has a right to their opinion, no? I guess you just want to be immune to hearing new information. In which case, just don't express views in public.

And besides, what is militant veganism? Is some vegan militia coming along and slapping cheeseburgers out of people's hands or ordering the gelatin be taken out of candy recipes at gunpoint? People can express opinions you don't like. Get over it.

2. Your opinion is the original forcing condition

If your belief is ill-informed but benign, then who cares if you think Salvador Dali is overrated or whatever your opinion may be. The problem comes when your opinion is that it's morally acceptable to torture animals for your own entertainment, and you begin acting on it... by torturing animals. Suppose someone is discussing that they are preparing to enter their dog into - and start betting on - dogfights. When you express your disgust Do you think it's warranted for them to start going off on "forcing your beliefs on others"? You're literally forcing animals into torture and then claiming to be the victim. Woe is you, I suppose.

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