Claim: Vegans don't eat honey? That's crazy.


The claim here is that bees aren't aware that honey is being stolen, don't suffer in collection, and/or are useful... so why is honey bad? After all, pollinators are actually doing quite well and

Problems With This Argument

1. Bees are objectively harmed in the process of honey creation

Setting aside for the moment moral responsibilities, it's important to consider the fact that bees are objectively harmed by current beekeeping practices. Bees are frequently killed by the hive as a part of beekeeping, either in preparation for winter or as a part of general resource management. In addition, bees also can be harmed in the process of honey extraction or during other activities such as trucking them around the country. The queen is usually held captive or has her wings clipped to not disappear with a large part of the hive to start a new one. This sort of behavior, wherein bees are hurt for a product, is exploitation by definition.

2. It's not clear that the "lack of suffering" portion of the claim is substantiated

It's easy to lump together all insects, but it seems that bees are uncannily intelligent and can even remember human faces. More importantly, there has been a fair amount of research that shows that bees have something akin to emotional states which in and of itself is kind of interesting, and it seems that there are therefore objective tests for the stress level of bees. However, given the harm that comes to bees in honey collection, there should be some consideration given to whether you think this exploitation is ethical.

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