Claim: Citing invalidates your argument


The claim here is that there's some problem with using this site (or any other site). Some examples are:

  • "You're just quoting yourself" If it happens to be me linking to one of these pages in a post or something
  • "You're not allowing yourself to be proved wrong" by using this website, whatever that means
  • "This isn't a proper citation of the facts" or some other clerical issue.

Problems With This Argument

1. That's not what this is about

Any time there's a link to this site, just think of it as "this as already been thought of, and refuted". If you don't like that it's on this site, pretend the person copied and pasted it into the chat box wherever the link was posted.

2. You need to deal with the argument itself

Arguments stand and fall based on their own merit, not based off of where they are located, or who made them.

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