Claim: Vegans having debate guides is ridiculous


The claim here is that it's some kind of ridiculous thing that sites like this one exist

Problems With This Argument

1. This isn't a "debate guide"

This is garbage-argument whack-a-mole. It takes 2 seconds to think "Wait, having done something for thousands of years isn't ethical justification." At least, that is if you're reasoning honestly. The intent here is to put a site together to just show that all these arguments are bad and to just show carnists that all this stuff is debunked already.

2. Information is sometimes needed

Vegans shouldn't need to go around memorizing facts like that "80% of soy is fed to land animals" or that oxalate concern trolling is made up. There needs to be repositories of such information. Or that carnists will randomly pose something out of the blue like "vitamin B17" or other dicey information. The number of bad arguments is innumerable and can be easily discredited with the appropriate facts.

3. Compendia of bad arguments exist for other things too

There are other websites dedicated to the same thing. Copypastas exist and wikis exist. The inspiration for this site was a similar site, with over 500 creationist arguments outlined there, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of young-earth creationists running around claiming that this site's mere existence proves them right.

4. This website existing isn't an argument against veganism

Don't like that this site exists? Ok. Great. Well, abusing animals for your own entertainment is wrong, and the fact that this site exists or whatever is an irrelevant fact. That doesn't somehow make abusing animals for your entertainment ok because you sneer at some random page on the internet. What's actually true remains so even if you sneer at some page telling you.

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