Claim: Vegans are deficient in Vitamin K2


Sure, vitamin K1 is found in plants. However, animal foods such as eggs are the best source of vitamin K2, which is associated with positive cardiovascular outcomes. This resource is cited

Problems With This Argument

1. Plants contain vitamin K2

Sauerkraut, natto, and other fermented plant foods contain vitamin K2, as even the carnists' cited source suggests. In addition, supplements contain K2 as well.

2. Animal products to not contain vitamin K2

According to calculations from Lifting Vegan Logic, the only way to obtain 420 ug of vitamin K2 is with:

  • 9 kilograms of hard cheese,
  • 53 liters of whole milk,
  • 80 large eggs the amount
  • 115 grams of goose liver which contains potentially lethal amounts of vitamin A.

None of these seem like satisfactory options for animal product sources.

3. Cardiovascular Health isn't your priority if you're eating animal products

If you're claiming that K2 is needed for cardiovascular health, then probably you shouldn't load up on eggs, whole milk, and cheese.

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