Claim: Almost no top athletes in field X are vegan


The claim here is that carnism makes for the best athletes, as evidenced by the superiority of carnist athletes

Problems With This Argument

1. You're not a top athlete

Again, I get the sense that carnists think there's some kind of trickle-down effect that happens here, where somehow the fact that superior athletes eat meat somehow translates to their own health as they wipe the Cheeto dust from their hands to type their arguments out on the internet.

2. There is a participation gap

Consider chess: the top men routinely demolish the top women, but that has nothing to do with gender differences but everything to do with the participation gap. Average men and women are comparable, but when you compare the best of the best, the group with single-digit-percent representation is always going to have a hard time competing by the numbers even if their skill is independent of their grouping.

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