Claim: Vegan food alternatives taste weird


The claim here is that vegan food alternatives taste funny

Problems With This Argument

1. Meat would taste weird if the "alternatives" were the default

Imagine that you had never tasted real meat and the only thing you had ever tasted were the so-called "alternatives". Can you honestly say that you wouldn't consider real meat to be sort of weird compared to modern vegan burgers? Especially since carnists will be generally unable to identify a specific problem with the alternatives other than "it tastes a little different" or point to some specific preference of theirs (that others might well disagree with). Furthermore, most of the flavor that people enjoy in the meat is in the seasoning. Imagine presenting people who have only had black-bean burgers suddently a piece of raw, unseasoned burger.

So the vegan alternative "tastes funny" only because it's more common. But everyone "jumping off a bridge" doesn't mean you should nor does it make it ethical to do so.

2. This is an argument for more veganism

The more market that exists for vegan products the better the best products will get. The best vegan products will never be as good as the best meat when they are outnumbered by orders of magnitude. If you want better meat substitutes, your dollars are the best ballot you can cast.

3. This only goes to show that eating meat is only for entertainment

If your biggest problem with a veggie burger is that you don't like the taste, then that is by definition just an argument from your entertainment. Just like "I'm bored with watching humans play sports or whatever, so I want to watch dog fighting". That's just what you've chosen to do. However, choosing something unethical as entertainment doesn't magically make it ethical.So, food preference isn't a great argument.

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