Claim: Growing plants destroys land animal populations


The growing of plants has resulted in sharp declines in populations of native animals like bison and wolves.

Problems With This Argument

1. Which is it?

This seems to have some contradictions with other claims, for instance, the idea that farm animals will overrun the planet if they are set free. Because if the farm animals would overrun the earth, what is preventing the wolves, bison, and bears from overrunning the earth? By that same token, it seems then unusual to claim that one only eats locally sourced meat because of the sheer size associated with large grazing lands which are claimed by carnists to be useless land. So it's all a bit confusing as to how it could all be true at the same time.

2. This claim is factually untrue

As with most such anti-vegan arguments, this claim is not only unsubstantiated but is, in fact, the exact opposite of the truth. Considering it takes more calories from plants to feed an animal as an intermediate, then it couldn't possibly be the direct human ingestion of plants that causes any such problem.

3. Carnists compound the problem

This is compounded by the killing of wolves to protect livestock or the killing of bison or other animals for their animal products, which has made the problem even worse than just the impact caused by the additional land that is used to grow crops to feed animals.

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