Claim: No one is really vegan


The idea here is that no one could actually be vegan, so vegans must be faking it

Problems With This Argument

1. Which is it?

Is it not a guarantee of health to be vegan because you can still adhere to a diet of beer, skittles, and junk food... or is it so hard it's impossible? These can't both be true even though carnists will argue both.

Also what about unhealthy self-identified vegans, these people are not actually vegan so then how is it that they are sickly? So these people aren't vegan but they are suffering the consequences of a diet they aren't actually following.

2. This is unprovable

It's impossible to invalidate this argument because it requires following everyone around at all times with laser-precision proof. So this is just a feeble attempt to throw an unprovable fact out there.

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