Claim: You can't fault any animal for eating meat, including me


Humans are just animals. You wouldn't fault a grizzly for eating a fish. Why would you fault me?

Problems With This Argument

1. Which is it?

You can't claim that humans are superior and that you, therefore, get special rights, and at the same time throw yourself in the mix of all the other animals in terms of morality. This seems to want it both ways.

2. This is justification for anything ever

Furthermore, lions (amongst other animals) eat the young of their own species. Can we now do that as well? What about animals that kill each other? Or parasites that eat their way through the hosts to keep them alive as long as possible, inflicting the maximum amount of suffering?

We can do even better than animals and say that we don't fault other humans with severe intellectual impairments for many things they do. Does that make assaulting people, for instance, ethical?

If we accept all of these things as "moral", then it would seem as though that word loses any meaning.

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