Claim: Farmed animals will go extinct if we don't eat them


The carnist idea is that not eating meat is doing a disservice to animals because otherwise they would die out because there would be no financial incentive to keep them alive

Problems With This Argument

1. Which is it?

Carnists will variously claim that they will go extinct or overrun us. Which one was it? It seems like there's a lot of baseless scavenging for arguments.

2. Has this ever happened?

Give me one example. We stopped eating American bison and their population rebounded. Is there any evidence at all or is this another baseless claim used to filibuster with stupid arguments?

3. Deforestation and overfishing

Overfishing (also known as regular fishing) and deforestation (for which animal agriculture is the number one contributor) are killing biodiversity. So, if you really want to maintain biodiversity, eating animals is the sure way to destroy it.

4. Ethics

Let's ignore this baseless claim that it helps biodiversity (rather than what it really does, which is harm it). Is there any ethical justification to continue hurting animals that you're going to keep the species or subspecies going? Like is it worth keeping dog fighting going because you're really concerned that your particular breed of dog fighting dog might die out, and therefore dog fighting is ethically justified?

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