Claim: Egg production is not harmful to farmed animals


The carnist here claims that egg production is not harmful so eating eggs is not unethical

Problems With This Argument

1. Unethical farm practices are abound

Baby chicks are thrown into shredders alive as a part of egg production. Males, as well as females with issues, are simply tossed into a macerator. Interestingly, Germany is taking a bold stance to be the first western country to phase this out legally by 2022.

Otherwise, factory-farmed chickens have their beaks or other body parts mutilated, live in confined spaces standing generally in their own feces, and are mercifully not required to live under such horrific conditions their whole natural (decade-or-longer) lifespans as they are killed before their second birthday, usually.

2. Eggs subsidize chicken meat

It still is making it more economical to turn chickens into corpses, and therefore purchasing eggs is still participating financially in incentivizing meat production, and all the sustainability and human costs associated with it.

3. Avoiding factory farming doesn't help these issues

Locally sourced animal products are unethical.

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