Claim: Vegans suffer from poor bone density


Tweet With 1.4M Views, 3108 Retweets, 248 Quotes,  14.6K Likes, 823 Bookmarks By Dr Shawn Baker, meat emoji. @SBakerMD.  Text reads: FUN FACT: Numerous studies have now shown consistent relationships between plant based diets and significantly increased fracture rates!! End of text. The image included in the tweet allegedly shows the cross-section of a normal bone labeled Bones and a porous bone labeled Vegan Bones.   9:20 PM ยท Feb 4, 2023

Problems With This Argument

1. This figure is taken from a paper that has nothing to do with vegans

The actual image is taken from this paper which has the same two pictures as Fig 1 with the following captions:

a) Vertebral body from a young individual. The central trabecular network is dense, with a perfect architecture (normal photograph) b) Vertebral body from an elderly individual. Trabecular bone density has decreased, and many perforations are seen (normal photograph)

The paper makes no mention of veganism or even vegetarianism. It was picked up on this page on the NASA website about losing bone density in space, where it looks like Shawn (or someone working with him) took it, and added a yellow saturation (you can see the white sides of panel B which are remnants of NASA's false-color application to the image).


Vegan Lifting Logic on Shawn Baker's dishonesty

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