What is this website?

This site is dedicated to finding a response to every single defense a carnist has ever put out in justification of non-veganism. Due to the varied, multiple, unique, and creative ways that carnists justify killing animals, it's hard to track them all and you start playing argument whack-a-mole. Rather than type the same counters to the same few arguments you can say "see this page, point 3".

It's mostly inspired in form by the talkorigins archive, which is a similar site for resources against bad pseudoscience of a different type. So when someone comes along and says that the Bombardier beetle chemicals would explode you have a resource to demolish that claim, because you can't go around memorizing everything ever about every biological system and how it doesn't prove creationism. And in that same vein, you can't go around memorizing that kids aren't nutrient deficient according to some Finnish paper.

What is a carnist? Isn't that just a vegan slur?

No, it's not a slur (and if it were, it's not even a good one). There's a whole page on just this topic. Put simply, "veganism" is a position as much as "bald" is a hair color. It's the rejection of a moral position. This is the default under any reasonable system

Isn't this another listing site for veganism?

Yes, there are many sites countering carnist claims, but 1. those other sites aren't attempting to catalog them all (or at least that's not an apparent goal.) so that kind of hampers the use of the site as a resource, because how can you know that the argument you're encountering is on the list? There needs to be a resource for all the arguments. 2. I'm also creating a taxonomy of these arguments, not just disparately listing them out, which helps with searching and keeping track of them And 3. The more the merrier. If you like some other site, use that site; if you like mine, use mine. Check out the resources page for other sources of arguments.

How can I support this page?

At the moment there are three methods of support: 1. Just use site and spread the word! and 2. Join my Patreon community! and 3. Keep being vegan and awesome.

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